Sunday, September 19, 2010

you can't handle the truth!

my ballons are starting to lose its air

the cold, hard truth:

my favourite colour is actually: blue.
i don't even know why my blog is so... pink. and so... girly. :\
ngeh. whatevs, man. i don't like the stock and i don't like the premade ones.
so i made my own template and all that jazz... now i'm too lazy to change it. meh.

i love dogs. ahkf;alkgja;/ promise not to laugh, 
but i even have a folder with the cutest pictures of doggies! 
hahahaha. actually, i love aminals! hahaha K will get that. 
i also like chickens. i mean not as food, but as pets. :) 
they're sooo cute.

a lot of people think i'm really girly and smart. 
confession: i'm naaaaht. smart, that is. apologies to the parentals.
confession: i wasted my high school days playing video games. 
hahahaha. i mean, people think i'm a 'high maintenance ' girl
confession: i'm naaaaht. i'm lazy and find that annoying at times. 
i could spend my time more wisely on better things.
 like games. not really. hahaha. i advanced to the next level? 

i hate salad. i try, i mean, i really try to like it... but i can't. 
it's disgusting. it's like eating FERN. and fern is more boring than grass. 
even with caesar sauce or feta cheese... i just... no. 
get that shit away from me. me like meat.

i like things that taste salty. (if you're filipino, you'll know this): 
i love dried fish. my mum is proud that i 'eat like a filipino' - 
minus eating with my hands. i find that... unhygienic.

i like laughing at myself. strange but true. 
i don't know, ever since i was little, i was told 
"if you can't learn to laugh at yourself, others will". 
and yeah, nothing annoys me more when people 'joke' about 
another person, but when that person is being teased, they can't take it.

Stay ugly,
 Lynette Joy.

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