Thursday, July 29, 2010


recently, i wanted to change my 'do,
so i got my fringe cut, cut, cut...

so my mum makes fun of me.
i look like an Egyptian, apparently.

sorry for the crappy webcam quality...

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Friday, July 23, 2010

motivation and mantras.

my current mantra:
i hate exams. i hate exams. i hate exams.

my motivation:
if you fail you will be homeless and die alone.

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

well, you outdid yourself today.

yes. yes it is.

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

empty furniture makes me feel lonely.

just sat around, ate and watched drama.
i feel like one of those fat depressed people.
i need to sort out my life.

cousin just left and
went back to New Zealand.

anyway, currently music is my 
only friend and company.
how beautiful is this? 

Stay ugly,
Lynette Joy.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

sundays were made to sleep in.

today was quite embarrassing.
we went to the city around 9AM.
so do you know what time we woke up?
hahahaha. around 7AM. on a SUNDAY MORNING.

anyway. the plan was to go to A58 and take photos.
well. guess what. we arrive there at 9AM.
A58 opens at 12PM. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
Borders opens around 10AM. so what can we do?!

be weirdo's and take photos.

later on, i shouted my cousin starbucks 'cause i'm nice.

wanna see our A58 photos?
don't be shy, i know you want to. here:

excuse me. the quality isn't that good
'cause it's from my webcam and i look so homely
and mearghh 'cause i just woke up. aha.
i'll prolly upload them closer later on.

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the rainbow lost its colour.

we take frequent visits to the city,
my cousin and i. uh-huh.

we particularly like borders, starbucks and other misc. stores.

my cousin and i are notoriously known (by our fathers, at least)
for 'splurging their money' and our continuous shopping sprees.
we probably just blew all our parents life savings and 
retirement plan in one hit. as long as my 
dad doesn't see the reciepts, it's fine...
cough, cough. thanks, mother.

i love my mother.
she likes buying me pretty clothes.
although, sometimes i think she only had a daughter
so she could dress the daughter up.

on a different note, i have been watching soo
many movies, my eyesight is slowly degenerating.
argh. but i just can't stop. ahah. this is like an
addiction, i swear.

Stay ugly,
Lynette Joy.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

leopard prints make me look tribal.

so bored, we took photos.
sometimes, we are so shameless. i love it.

warning: shameless pictures ahead.
the owner of this blog will not be held responsible for
any blindness, seizures or deaths. view at your own discretion.

yeah well, DON'T JUDGE ME.
there's more photos but i'd be beyond
shameless if i were to post it on the internet
(that, and my cousin would kill me, haha)

don't laugh! i don't know how to pose! :|

our skin looks soo flawless~ don't you want to touch it?
oh wait. nevermind. i just realised how creepy i sound. rewind, erase from memory.

HRNGGH. shamless person! shameless person!
i don't know you!!

muh favourite shot. don't ask me how those little circles got there.
they just appeared in our photo. like magic.

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Friday, July 2, 2010

mobiles are useless without credit.

so it was celine and laverne's last day here at brisbane.
it was so sad. they'll be going back to sydney (take me with you!)
MG was planning to come, but in the end, she wasn't invited,
i mean, she couldn't make it.

anyway, we went out ate and played golf.
like those upperclass middle aged men do.
t'was fun, t'was fun.
later, we went shopping at DFO and bought
clothes from Forever New. :)

getting ready - haha our morning faces...

my kissing face. yuck, how disgusting... why am i even posting this?
hahahaha, boys: beware...

...why do i look like an extra here?!

driving the golf cabby! chyeaaahhh boii

i love trees.

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

the aftermath of an explosion.

ugh. i'm so tired and drained.
here are some leftovers from the party:

my balloons are starting to lose its air

my roses are starting to wilt

Notice there aren’t any pictures of people?

Yeah well, I’m doing everyone (especially my readers if I have any) a favour. Hahaha. No, seriously. Sorry, but I don’t want to be held responsible if I had mentally scared anyone from the after-effects. Hahaha.

anyway, it was a fun night/morning.
i didn't get to sleep till one AM.
okay, that was a lie. i'm lying, i'm sorry.
i don't even know what time i got home.
can't even remember what time i went to sleep.

hello eyebags

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.