Friday, July 2, 2010

mobiles are useless without credit.

so it was celine and laverne's last day here at brisbane.
it was so sad. they'll be going back to sydney (take me with you!)
MG was planning to come, but in the end, she wasn't invited,
i mean, she couldn't make it.

anyway, we went out ate and played golf.
like those upperclass middle aged men do.
t'was fun, t'was fun.
later, we went shopping at DFO and bought
clothes from Forever New. :)

getting ready - haha our morning faces...

my kissing face. yuck, how disgusting... why am i even posting this?
hahahaha, boys: beware...

...why do i look like an extra here?!

driving the golf cabby! chyeaaahhh boii

i love trees.

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

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