Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the rainbow lost its colour.

we take frequent visits to the city,
my cousin and i. uh-huh.

we particularly like borders, starbucks and other misc. stores.

my cousin and i are notoriously known (by our fathers, at least)
for 'splurging their money' and our continuous shopping sprees.
we probably just blew all our parents life savings and 
retirement plan in one hit. as long as my 
dad doesn't see the reciepts, it's fine...
cough, cough. thanks, mother.

i love my mother.
she likes buying me pretty clothes.
although, sometimes i think she only had a daughter
so she could dress the daughter up.

on a different note, i have been watching soo
many movies, my eyesight is slowly degenerating.
argh. but i just can't stop. ahah. this is like an
addiction, i swear.

Stay ugly,
Lynette Joy.

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