Wednesday, June 30, 2010

her loss of innocence.

i did a double-take and the title sounds...
riiiight. well, it's not what you think it is. i-i swear!
actually, it only means that leagally, i'm not
considered a 'child' anymore. dammit.

anyway, in my culture, turning eighteen is a pretty big deal.
well, for a girl, that is. the girls have a 'debut'. eeeek.
it's so embarrasing and you get alll the attention on you.

yikes. i'm not good with so much attention on me...
anyhoo, here are some photos:

the only thing that matters: the cake.



cousin and i pretending to be newlyweds. :|

just where are they all pointing at?

(kim, kris, nikko and steven)
the guys danced to "my girl" - choreographed by louie.
top four stolen from FB LOL

me and karen performing... you can see people leave.
yeah, thanks guys. thanks for your love and support.
i love you too

such raw emotions!

and technique!

here i am hidiously tired. time:12AM

my retarded self. have i no shame?

Disclaimer: this has all been a lie. nobody came.

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Monday, June 21, 2010

and there's blood falling from the ceiling of this world.

sad truth of couples
and so, i have these things called
my ugly days

yes, yes. go ahead and laugh.
i'm waiting for your mockery.
but it
s true.

those days, i avoid people like the pague,
i resist social events and generally tend to
dodge mirrors like Neo. hahahaha
i love those days.

ugly days: synonym, with lazy days
only difference is, i am actually productive.

hm. i think i need a hobby. or a job.
anyway, i found this picture quite funny, but true:

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

total eclipse of the heart.

so, i’m getting ready for my birthday, right?
y’now, making decorations, cooking food and all that jazz, yeah?
but thing is, I have this conflicting schedule… uh, what’s it called again?

oh, thats right:


kill me now. No, please don’t. I was kidding.
anyway nyway, excuse me for being an annoying but -


Hahahha, I am nowhere near done.

anyway, here are my progress so far, if anyone is interested:

the patterns
making the letters

banner - i couldn't get the whole thing in

the food containers

some decoration ideas

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

being happy is like piss? what's wrong with you?!

i've been crushing for a Wacom for years!

Yes~!! Even if it's so hard to use,
i'm so happy!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆ hahaha!

my older bro gave it for my birthday.

so, my first drawing is dedicated...

i got lazy after the first ten minutes. hahaha.

my third drawing. experiment based on one of my old works.

be thankful for everything.
even if you're brother doesn't buy you a wacom.
i'm so happy, i could... well, what can i do?

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i'm planning to elope tomorrow.

i never want to grow up.

my birthay is tomorrow, where i will officially be an adult. yay.
i just can’t wait to be king be a legal adult. where i get responsibilities,
have to vote and so on. but if I could, i would like to be a peter pan.
i’d like to never grow up. i like being a child too much.
anyway, i was thinking, my last year started lamely and ended lamely.
huh. i assure you. and no, i am not pessimistic – just realistic
with a hint of cynicism. i think. but enough of me whining
and complaining. (how annoying of me, i know)
here here is my ‘birthday resolution’, if you will. this is something
i shall strive to live my life everyday. strive to. strive.

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

overcast skies and sad lullabies.

“It’s a beautiful world outside, so turn off your computer and go outside.”

My mother once told me that.

soak in the sunlight,
dance in the moonlight,
and when it rains at night,
smile. because it may just
get better and better
each day.

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

you're blinded by their beauty.

what i post on this blog is all the
‘beautiful’ and the ‘ugly’ things
i have encountered in this world.

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.