Sunday, July 4, 2010

leopard prints make me look tribal.

so bored, we took photos.
sometimes, we are so shameless. i love it.

warning: shameless pictures ahead.
the owner of this blog will not be held responsible for
any blindness, seizures or deaths. view at your own discretion.

yeah well, DON'T JUDGE ME.
there's more photos but i'd be beyond
shameless if i were to post it on the internet
(that, and my cousin would kill me, haha)

don't laugh! i don't know how to pose! :|

our skin looks soo flawless~ don't you want to touch it?
oh wait. nevermind. i just realised how creepy i sound. rewind, erase from memory.

HRNGGH. shamless person! shameless person!
i don't know you!!

muh favourite shot. don't ask me how those little circles got there.
they just appeared in our photo. like magic.

Stay ugly,

Lynette Joy.


  1. nice blog joy!
    esp the last comment, ask how the little circles becuase they just appeared like magic or watever. hahah

    its funny cause i randomly thought i should go on this and look what you put up!1 hahah alguds

  2. ahaha. thanks, i'm only posting the blogs i made when you were here in aus. (see the dates?)

    oh yeah, you should totes update your blog - no, you NEED to.